Join other like minded women in the pool and start your Merbabies journey with our beautiful, safe and relaxing Birthlight Aquanatal yoga classes, suitable from 14th week of pregnancy to term.

Aquanatal Yoga

Start your Merbabies journey with Aqua-Natal Yoga to exercise and stay healthy during pregnancy (whatever your level of fitness, or yoga experience) Classes help both physical and mental well-being, incorporating a gentle yet dynamic workout,  breathing exercises, and relaxation at each class. Our teachers hold the Pool Safety Award for Teachers, covering first aid and life-saving skills, and an additional Birthlight qualification in Aqua-Natal Yoga, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. This means that you’re in safe hands with us.

Health Benefits

Increased the efficiency of the nervous system

Improved blood flow to the pelvic area

Detoxifies and moves fluids – Reducing swelling

Promotes hormonal balance

Increased oxygen supply 

Maintains flexibility of the spine and joints

Relief from aches, pains and pressure on joints

Be physically fit and strong to help you in labour, and with postnatal recovery



Emotional &
Mental Wellbeing


Bond with your baby during pregnancy 

Move around with ease and enjoy what feels like weightless floating

Learn breathing and relaxation techniques for birth 

Meet other pregnant women in your area, conversation, laughter and shared experiences are good for the soul

Leave the pool feeling refreshed, relaxed and revived for the week ahead….. after a good night’s sleep

Better sleep after exercise 


"I attended Aqua-Natal Yoga from 16 weeks pregnant; I was struggling with pelvic pain, nausea, tiredness. Working and looking after my two year old meant life was busy. Aqua-natal class each week weren't just a good workout, they were also a wee oasis of calm; time to relax, breathe and enjoy. I loved how amazing I felt after class, how well I slept and I also enjoyed meeting lots of other mums to be so I love that we now offer these fantastic classes to pregnant women."

What Our Cutomers say

I attended the aquanatal classes at Damhead with Megan for most of my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I really enjoyed keeping active by taking this class, in particular I loved the relaxed atmosphere, the private pool, meeting other preganant ladies and the weekly chats and advice we all shared. I highly recommend taking this class it defo did wonders for my pregnancy x

Danielle Ross

I would highly recommend this class! I had been struggling with hip pain especially during the night, since attending this class my pain has gone. Really enjoyable & relaxing and feel great after it. Always a lovely bunch of girls also and Megan is great!

Caroline Watt

I have really enjoyed the aqua yoga classes with Megan since 20 weeks pregnant. Wednesday evenings were the highlight of my week for half of my pregnancy and I would highly recommend them to all pregnant ladies. I suffered with really bad spd and being in the water helped a lot, it was so relaxing but also good exercise! I look forward to starting baby swimming classes soon!

Karolina Anilorak

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